Why I’ve changed my job title

I’ve changed my title for a few times throughout my design career. First it was graphic designer, then brand identity designer, then when I’m working on web, I became a web designer, sometimes a front end web developer as well. To add more items to this already confusing list, I’m also a UI designer and an amateur type designer.

See how complicated it is? It has reached to a point where it’s become too difficult for me to describe what I really do and what I really want to achieve. To fix this, there’s only one solution — Change my title once and for all.

From now on, I’m a Designer, just designer, no more specific title. I did this for a reason.

The design industry is ever-changing, the thing you’re now specializing at might not be the right thing to use tomorrow. As we understand and uncover more and more problems, the medium also changes. We as designers have to explore different options to create a more appropriate solution to solve these problems, and the process might involve different technologies and design approach.

What I’m basically saying is, we’re now living in a world where design is not as specialized as it was before. A graphic designer might need a website to make his content interactive, and at the same time a web designer might need to play with hardwares to interact with real life objects. We’re all solving problems, we’re all contributing something to this world. There are going to be more and more things you can do to approach the problem as technology and the society improves.

There might be some subjects that you’re more specialized in, but it doesn’t mean you have to be restricted by them, in fact, you don’t have to be restricted by your title.

I don’t want to be restricted by my title anymore. I don’t want give people an impression of me doing one thing but actually doing another. I only want to focus on solving problems with good design and do some good to the world.

So here I am. I’m now a Designer with a capital D. and my official description is “A designer who focuses on producing problem-solving solutions in various creative ways.”