Where do you work?

I currently work at Grayscale Ltd and having front-end web developer as my main role. Occasionally, I also handle typography related matters for the company.

I have a project in mind, can you do it for free?

If this is a open-source project - Sure! Why not? Shoot me an email at hi@aclr.co.

If you’re representing a charity - Send me an email at hi@aclr.co with some brief details about the project, then we’ll talk about it.

None of the above - No. Sorry but I think you’ll have to rethink why you’re not paying a designer for doing his/her job. Good design is something you’ll have to invest in.

What sports do you play?

When I was still in high school, I play football—the one which you actually use your feet to kick the ball. Then I stopped doing sports for a while due to my crazy college schedule. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learn how to swim, and now I I used to swim almost every week.

When did you start to learn coding websites?

For HTML and CSS, it was second year college so I was around 20 - 21 I guess? Then a year later I started to learn Javascript by breaking down different jQuery plugins I use. Trust me, it’s the best way to learn.

What did you use to create this website?

In terms of hardware, I used my Fusion-Drived Mid-2009 Apple Macbook Pro 15 inch Mid-2014 15 inch Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display; In terms of design, I used Sketch for designing the interface and Adobe Photoshop for editing the photos; In terms of writing code, I used Sublime Text; In terms of CMS, I’m not sure if it’s counted as a CMS but I use Jekyll for generating the site; In terms of hosting, this site is hosted on Github so feel free to check my code here.

What are some apps/software that you can’t live without?

Probably none. But if I have to choose, those would be Google Chrome, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sunrise Calendar(RIP), Spotify & Glyphs.

Do you drive cars in manual transmission?

This really puts me to shame. No, I can’t drive manual cars. I’ve tried to make it work but I’m still not confident of running it on the road.

What is your view in technology addiction.

I know I’m a part of this problem, but I really hate it when people get lost and became addicted to technology.

Technology should be a tool that we can utilize to help us live an easier life, it should also encourage real interaction and communication between people.